Watch Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner imagine an episode of "The Real Housewives Of Westeros"


“Winter may be coming, but I’m still hot as hell.”

“Winter may be coming, but I’m still hella hot.”

I actually prefer the misquoted version.

Wow, her real voice is even more posh than her character’s!
It took me a while to realise that she wasn’t trying to do it as Sansa Stark.

The Real Housewives of Town (of St. John’s)

The irony of some of the real life backgrounds of the actors and actresses vs. the characters that they play is pretty rich sometimes. The most fashionable dresser off-screen is Gwendoline Christie, aka Brienne of Tarth; although the wildling Ygritte has never seen a castle and thinks that an old windmill must be one, Rose Leslie, the daughter of the chieftain of Clan Leslie in Scotland, was actually born in a castle; Hodor’s actor is a DJ in Belfast.

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