Book Club: A Storm of Swords Sansa V and Jaime VII


That hair/eyebrows combo is freaking me out.

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So I take it you don’t watch the show then?

Podcast=funny as hell
Cosplay Daenerys Targaryen reminds me of one of the fun attractive friends you have in college rather than an serious actor or model who is still too serious to look like they are having fun when they are photographed at large or at an event. You see through the costume and see the cosplayer having fun, but who would you rather hang out with?

No. What’s the import?

The actress who plays Danerys on the show has the same hair/eyebrow coloring. So this cosplay is screen accurate. And you do know there are natural blondes in the world who don’t have matching eyebrows right?

That much I figured. I was just wondering if it’s a plot device of some sort. I don’t know why that wigs me out so much.

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