Boars, Gore, and Swords GoT recap: 4x01: Two Swords, One Throat


Daenerys Targaryen’s character needs to have her eyebrows bleached, because I don’t think it was ever established that her character wears a blonde wig. It’s pretty clear that the platinum hair is supposed to be her character’s real hair, but her eyebrows say she is obviously a brunette in a blonde horsehair wig.


This tv show has generally shown a shocking lack of commitment to hair color.


Spoilers!!! Dragons are still alive :wink:

I’m very glad they recasted the baby man who originally portrayed Daario Naharis, but I am still sad to see that his beard isn’t blue.

I hadn’t realized how universally reviled Ed Skrein’s portrayal of Daario is. I liked Murder Fabio, he at least was an extremely distinct character. Michiel Huisman seems like if Jaime was a Stark?

Obviously I need to give him some more time, but thus far the highest compliment I can pay him is that he’s not terribly offensive.

Daario was described in the books as

having dyed blue long curly hair and a matching dyed blue beard with three prongs, though he dyed his mustachios gold. He also has a gold tooth. His loud physical appearance is typical of Tyroshi sellswords, who have a reputation for being flashy and flamboyant

So he should have looked like

But instead we got the baby man not even remotely resembling Daario.

The TV show Game of Thrones is not the book Game of Thrones. Books and tv shows have different strengths, and I’m glad that DB & Weiss have made choices to make the show as strong as possible and also it’s own unique entity. When adaptations of books are followed too closely, at best you’re going to get a product that’s almost as good as the book; If you re-examine choices in the context of the new medium, there’s a possibility of equaling or even exceeding the source material (or, obviously, of really cratering it in a unique way). Books are great in that they allow you to imagine a character in a way that each reader personally can believe, but when it comes to TV shows, blue hair is going to be hard to pull off without looking like Dr. Teeth.

This isn’t the first time DB & Weiss have made such a choice, the Targaryans being a prime example, having silver hair and purple eyes would have made it much more difficult to suspend disbelief. Now, as I’ve voiced above, I don’t really love the new Daario yet, but it’s certainly not because he’s not “true to the books”.

But we’ll see, there’s plenty of time for Daario to disappoint on his own merits.

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