Boars, Gore, and Swords podcast recaps Game of Thrones S6E06, "Blood of My Blood"

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It’s interesting to see the show cycle back and cover plot developments from the books that got skipped over earlier. The sudden appearance of “Coldhands” (I knew it was Benjen, no matter what GRRM said) makes for a much more interesting plot development now that the kids actually need him.


But wait… didn’t he ride an elk and help Sam and Gilly to that tricky way under the wall? If my memory serves, Gilly and Sam need him then.

At this point the two stories have diverged enough for this just to be two interpretations of “Coldhands”. I still think that Book Coldhands is not Benjen, simply due to Leaf’s “they killed him long ago” quote.

I’m really curious to see where this whole High Sparrow plot is going. I’m pretty sure Margarey is playing a dangerous but clever scheme to convince her doting and naive husband to embrace the Faith to get the High Sparrow to let his guard down.


Makes perfect sense to me. She’s like a younger Cersei. No way she’s gone from careful schemer to demure penitent during a few months of captivity. If anything, it would make her more wily and determined for revenge.


Here’s hoping, I’m more ‘cliff hung’ over this than anything else.

Yeah, but smarter, and not mean spirited (?). She’s more like a young Olenna.


In addition to any internal evidence, his editor asked him point blank in the margin of the manuscript and his answer seems pretty clear.

That would be a really strange place to lie about that. Of course that’s only for the books. I can see why they would merge the characters on the show, especially if we never find out what happened to Benjen MacGuffin Stark in the books.

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Which would make sense!

I’ve decided that Bran’s already/going to have been responsible for everything bad that will happen/has happened in the past because he’s an undisciplined idiot. We’re just lucky the mad king was killed by Jamie before he went from “Burn them all!” to being ‘King Ball’

Also, GoT takes place in the present day…in the wreckage of the Forest Moon of Endor. The Children of the Forest are, of course, Ewoks (it’s no longer a long, long time ago after all. They’ve had tens of millions of years to evolve.) and they chose to make the white walkers in the image of the white-clad invaders that ended up completely trashing their planet when the wreckage of the Death Star completely destroyed their ecosystem.

Ewoks evolved razors and platform feet.

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Yeah, it took them longer than it took us…but I’m sure they had a completely different set of evolutionary pressures. We really don’t know what sort of climate effects the Endor Holocaust had.

At least now we know why there are dragons!

(okay, this is starting to work a bit too well)

Sorry, GRRM lost his vote once he allowed the TV series to overtake the novels. All available canon says Benjen is Coldhands. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My girlfriend tells me that Coldhands has gear that the Night’s Watch hasn’t used for centuries, which also supports not Benjen.

But hey book Coldhands got to meet Hodor and Jojen, so maybe reanimated Benjen will waltz into the plot in Winds of Winter. Maybe.

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It’s like GRRM open-sourced his code and the TV show is just a fork of the books, isn’t it?

I’m actually excited for wildly divergent denouements, resolutions and endings, or lack thereof, between the books and the show.

I’ve also been hoping for a spin-off series that only focuses on the Brave Companions, as they were all neatly written out except for Qyburn. I’m full of GoT opinions and can speak on them for hours.

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