The Laws Of God And Men ring cold in Game of Thrones [s4e6]


Wait, you say you didnt’ read the books, but you call Yara “Asha”?

i smell deceit.


You left out the word “die” in that long quote from Tyrion, and it’s kind of important.

next they will nonchalantly mention purple eyes and missing noses.

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I’m confused about the “vicious bastard” Karl. Clubfoot Karl? Qarl the Maid? “Karl” Drogo?

Am I forgetting someone who was just in the show? Is it the Tickler’s real first name?


I haven’t read the books, but I am pretty well-read on the wiki stuff. I even get surprised by deviations from the lit despite never having read it.

I think it’s safe to say the “vicious bastard” Karl reference is Karl Tanner, so recently featured and killed for his one-dimensional, irredeemable bastardness–presumably originated from the Clubfoot Karl in the books, but clearly a distinct show character.

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Deceit…or, like pretty much everybody at many point in the series, he had name amnesia and rather than just calling her “Theon’s sister” like most viewers probably do in their heads, he did a hasty web-search and inserted the book name inadvertently.


Minor correction, it’s spelled “Eyrie” not “Aerie”.


Thanks for clearing that up, more characters than twitter, etc.

I hope Qarl makes an appearance, although he seems like a strong candidate for being excluded. :confused:

a trial that dwarfs what Tyrion experienced at the Aerie

Hmmm… intended?

I too could care less about the Iron born and Theon. The Iron Isles seems to be full of dirty sailors and stupid leaders. The sister could be interesting if she kills her father and her brother and then joins with some coalition that could actually matter to the central story. At this point Its really just a story about how Ramsey will die and they seem so be some ways off before they do that. (Inserting a key takes time and focus, stab the fucker in they heart!)

Its possible that he just forgot her name and googled “Theon Greyjoy’s Sister”. The Wiki of Ice and Fire is one of the first results with her name from the books. I think we watch too much of this show, we expect deceit and trickery everywhere. :smile:

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That part bothered me as well. “He’s going to unlock the dog cage! what do we do? He’s now unlocking the dog cage! Nothing we can do about it!” Just throwing a god-damn sword at him would have done the trick.

Yeah, it apparently took so long for him to open the dogs cage that they were able to run back to their boats before the dogs caught them. The whole scene just seemed to be a series of excuses for not killing Ramsey. And killing him seems to be the only point of that story line.

But wasn’t Ramsey and Theon supposed to head out and look for the stark boys?

maybe? but then Roose Bolton charged Ramsey with taking over the, uh, some strategic area to prove himself?

He would have gone down under a hail of thrown axes, especially since since he had no armor. Pretty much every culture I know of that uses small axes for warfare also employs them as throwing weapons, often in a melee situation just before getting into stabbing distance.

Here’s how the trial by combat goes: Tyrian names Jamie as his champion but Cersei and Dad know that Jamie has lost his sword hand and would surely die in any kind of fight. So some sort of deal is struck…

If you’re a member of the royal family I believe your champion typically has to be a knight of the kings guard - so they all know what’s up as soon as he called it.

Hmm… interesting, but (SPOILER!) that would be a MAJOR deviation… so much I don’t know how they would reconcile it.

I’m not that far in the TV series; have they hinted in this format who the champion for, er… the prosecution(?) would be?

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