Boars, Gore, and Swords podcast recaps Game of Thrones S6E02, "Home"

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Zombie Snow?

(I assume that spoilers up to and including the episode in question are fair game in a thread about a recap.)

I am really curious in what shape he will be. There is a very wide range of possibilities. The rules of magic in that world seem to demand some form of sacrifice. Because there doesn’t seem to have been an external one, it would make sense if Jon was in some way damaged or dimished.


The books make a fair bit of noise about that possibility. Beric Dondarian made it into the show and there was some of the talk on the subject brought in. They say every time he was brought back “less of him” came back. Practically this seems to mean that he’s grimmer, remembers less and is weaker and prone to exhaustion (IIRC been a while since I read the books). And his wounds don’t seem to heal fully.


But likewise Catelyn Stark gets brought back as a half decayed mad woman. She’s only brought back the once, but apparently it’d been too long for it to be much of a success.


So it’s been broached, even on the show. People come back but they come back a bit different. Just how different seems to be a factor of how many times they get brought back and how long they were dead. Jon was a pretty fresh corpse, and he’s on his first (and hopefully only) go round. But I’ll be interested to see how much of that they bring in.

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Have to say, not cool for posting that huge spoiler image. Am (like a lot of people) waiting for book six and trying to avoid shit like that image. The last site I expected to have my brain ruined by was BoingBoing. Not cool. /said in my super serious dad voice. with no trace of kindness or humor.

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Allow me to be the first to suggest a “Pushing Daisies” crossover.

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What happened with this podcast episode? You seemed slower on the uptake, or possibly out of sync, or with a new guest that was on a different wavelength.

Fix it immediately or I shall demand my money back!

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