Game of Thrones: 'Improv Imagination with Pedro Pascal'


I thought I was going to have nightmares after that scene. Also, I’d hate to be the maester who has to put his skull back together for that funeral.

Although quite a bit is made of this show empowering women, notice that any man that really loves a woman dies horribly (Ned, Drogo, Robb Stark, Oberen) or gets the boot (Jorah, Tyrean). Characters that are not marriage material (The Hound, Varis, Littlefinger, Jaime, Jon Snow, Stannis Baratheon) tend to live a lot longer. A male character in love is a red shirt.

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This is nice, but… is BB no longer doing GoT recaps?

(P.S. Never mind.)

I’ve kind of given up on hoping for a good deed to go unpunished or a bad one to go unrewarded.

You know. . . I actually haven’t really enjoyed the last few episodes now that I think about it. I always end them feeling kind of icky.

Appropriate ceremony, I think.

Really impressed by Pascal. Also, guy looks damn good in yellow.

Looks like we’ll be seeing lots of Dorne in Season 5; yay.

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