Watch: Gas pump keeps charging after nozzle is removed

I dunno, just reporting my observations of physical reality. Humans are tribal, and the further away from your tribal norms someone is, the less human they will seem to you. Like, they’ll have mouths for eyes or something.

Do you think that is universally true for all humans? might my mileage vary?

I ask because how human someone seems to me has nothing to do with tribal norms - and I know I am far from unique in that regard, and how far from unique you would be to see it as universally so. No shade thrown.

It’s been universally true in my observation, except in the specific case of myself.

I personally have no such biases or prejudices whatsover.

Curiously enough, everyone else claims the same thing, but obviously they’re wrong, since I can clearly see that they always treat their own children with more humanity than they treat murderous attacking strangers.

EDIT: Hopefully I didn’t distort my point too much by trying to make it amusing…

By reframing my nuanced view ad absurdum you’ve distorted nothing about your point.

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Can you explain your original reply to me a little differently so I can understand it better? I feel like I’m missing something; apologies for my density.

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