Watch George Lucas and Star Wars characters in 1987 Japanese Panasonic TV commercials


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So…what’s going on there near the end, with costumed people applauding lucas? did he finish shooting or something?


I find myself surprised and entertained.


“Mac Lord C-Movie” ::snrk::


The weird part is he was just heading in to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters


I kinda wish he’d stayed just broke enough that he still had to work with others to get his ideas out…


Those were surprisingly wonderful.


I can’t imagine Lucas doing this simply for a check (by 1987, he was quite rich); my guess is he agreed to do the commercials as part of some grander business deal with Panasonic. Though apparently his divorce in 1983 did cause some financial strain, so maybe not.


It’s interesting to see how the Lucas brand reads differently in Japan, though every other brand reads differently too.


Hi-Vision was rather fly, arguably the first high (more) definition format, which was analog based. Peter Greenaway used it for Prospero’s Books and some other projects. It failed to get much traction in the 80s-90s even when there was really nothing else comparable to use. It had some use in Japan, but I’ve never seen any of it in the States.


Looks like Sparky was designed by McQuarrie, and released as a clock:


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