Chinatown, the new video from Starcadian [EXCLUSIVE]


1995 is gonna be awesome!


Ah. Undoubtedly one of the finest songs from the 19A0s.


Hmmm. . . if Starcadian is his last name, the authorities should try Little Armenia.

Yep. Almost certainly a friend of Leggy Starlitz

That was a sweet condensation of 1980s visual sci-fi tropes.

The flying cars and flaming pyramids from “Blade Runner.” The pixelation-into-cyberspace from “Tron.” The hyper-space jump from the original “Star Wars.” The vectorized landscape from Disney’s “The Black Hole,” or maybe “Space 1999”. The hood-and-glowing eyes are a dead giveaway that "Starcadian is an unusually tall Jawa,

What did I miss?

There was the floating robot-thing, which seemed Star-Wars-esque.

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