WATCH: Girl limbo skates record distance under 6-inch hurdles

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Great. Now I have an unquenchable thirst for a Maaza.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point where you don’t have to explain what “15 cm” means. I mean, we learned metric back in 1830 when I was a kid, but people still act like it’s Enochian.


My American kids learned to express distances in cm at their hoity-toity charter school run by some Europeans. It does sound weird when they talk that way. Vaguely unamerican.

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Dunno that one, but I thought of Limca.

Damn, wonder if I could import some…

The buddha said "Within this fathom-long body and mind is found all of the teachings.”
This girl updated it to a fanta-long body.

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You win again, Ehlers-Danlos!

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