Watch: How to make the smallest cup of coffee in the world


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Gonna need smaller humans for that to be useful.


I don’t think he let the grounds bloom long enough.


Those sound effects made me irrationally angry. Also a nail file seems like a terrible grinding method, but I don’t care so much about that with those sound effects.


Wait, he’s not Japanese? He must be!


Funny, I was just now trying to decide if I should brew a second batch of coffee.


What’s the point of that? I mean, isn’t that like wanting to work toward the smallest orgasm?


Screw this petite mort stuff. I want something worthy of my misadventurous self.





This whole process looks like it was leading toward the coffee being sucked up into a syringe and injected.


Somebody should do a “bad lip reading” with foley art.

(ISTR Whose Line is it Anyway having such moments)


My first thought was using a syringe as an aero-press.


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