Watch how to use the toilet on the International Space Station


Reminds me of Kevin Bacon’s line from Apollo 13 -

Ladies and gentlemen: the constellation U-rion. (flush turns to sparkly crystals)



I’m not getting it. I need a demo. I’m a visual learner.

The one on Skylab had a blower in it to keep everything moving in the right direction. You know what was supposed to hit the fan.

@shaddack, why wouldn’t ldpe bags that are then ejected not be better?

What did you do today?

“Oh, I worked out, then conducted experiments across thirteen different scientific discipline, did some computer programming, electronics repair, hydraulics maintenance… and I made a music video.”

Edit: the video:

My guess is that they’d tend to travel along the space station and potentially act as projectiles if they get high enough differential speed. And outgas and make a gas cloud that also travels along, and deposits on everything including sensitive instruments; the silica-carbon dirt that results from silicone outgassing from satellite surfaces, being blasted apart with hard UV and depositing on the solar panels and impairing their efficiency and dirtying the optical ports is bad enough.

So what you are saying… Is i should invent a co2 scrubber compressed gas earth bound shot gun?

Possibly yes. And aim it to the back, not downwards. The added momentum will push you to higher orbit, counteracting the atmospheric braking (minute but it adds up), the subtracted momentum of the cannon payload will take it to a lower orbit. (If you want to go up, go forward. If you want to go down, go backwards. Orbital mechanics is a little counterintuitive.)

I take it you also play Kernel Space Program.

it’s Kerbal, you insensitive clod. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
Sadly, nope. :frowning: No time for much gaming. Just read some literature…

Ffs, autocorrect!!!

(Type Kerbal, backspace after the autocorrect, add to dictionary)

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