WATCH: If Game of Thrones had been made in the 1980s


Rob says 1995:

It does strike me as more Lonesome Dove, though, which roughly splits the difference.

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“Too many kings… And too many queens! Too many kings… And too many queens!”


I would have SO watched that! And enjoyed it then more than I’m enjoying the one now (which I am enjoying, but now it’s more raising an eyebrow than stomping and clapping).

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The world needs more synth.


Does every damn thing require a GIF now? They don’t have sound, you know, which was kind of the whole point here.

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Is this a good time to peruse photos from Peter Dinklage’s high school yearbook?


Yeah, it was pretty much a Xena/Hercules type of show, not 80s.

This definitely Won the Internet today.

The music is perfect! Especially enjoy those 80s drum fills. :slight_smile:

If GoT had been made in the 80s, it would look like Krull, The Beastmaster, Ladyhawke, Hawk the Slayer, or Willow.

Or maybe…

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