Watch Jack Spencer handcrafting eyeglass frames out of used denim

Originally published at: Watch Jack Spencer handcrafting eyeglass frames out of used denim | Boing Boing


So basically fiber-reinforced plastic. Just taking the long way around.


Or he could have googled “denim micarta”. Here’s a video.

Micarta itself is over a century old.

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Well thank you for raining on someone else’s efforts. No wonder we keep seeing fewer “wonderful things” here.

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I’m not raining on his efforts to make eyeglass frames—if he had stuck to that the video would be a wonderful thing.

It’s his claim to have invented the process to make denim micarta after “over 10 years” of experimentation, when the finished product has been available to purchase for longer than that.

Like the rest of us, he stands on the shoulders of giants and he should acknowledge that fact.

He doesn’t say that.

The quote is:

I have spent over 10 years developing my unique process for making denim sunglasses. Starting with making the material by infusing dead stock denim and resin, making a carbon fibre like material, going through many processes and finishes, using my own handmade jigs for assembly.

The claim is to have developed “my” unique process. Not “the” process.

I also note that the Instructable you linked to talks about improvements the poster would make next time, i.e. an improvement to that person’s process.

It’s cool that you know about micarta and thanks for posting about it but do we really need to be sniffy about some guy trying to make a living making stuff?

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