Watch Japan's first robot bartender mix and serve a cocktail

Just watch out if you order a bloody Mary…

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I’ll stick with one of the ones I’ve made, thanks:

Patron can tip the robo-bartender with some gear grease.

The downside for law enforcement: They could no longer (as in the movies) pump the bartender (Oh, yes; that was Miss Scotch… straight up) for juicy info on what they heard or saw. Then again, all the bars would be surveilled up the ying-yang by then, so no loss.




We’ve been doing that shit for years and it would be highly surprising to me if this was the first time Japan did it.

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Robot bartenders are limited by their programming. They are not the Wa-shoku-nin who build improvement upon improvement, ever evolving their craft.

Back in the 1990s, I was sitting in the bar at Yokohama’s New Grand Hotel and witnessed this Japanese bartender mix a cocktail for a British gentleman. I knew this mixologist was special when I realized he was listening for when the ice finally broke down to a perfectly even slurry. On the first sip of the drink, the Brit was clearly stunned and driven to declaration that this was the best he ever had of his favorite cocktail.

No, robots can’t do that kind of booze-fu.

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