Watch Joe Sparks perform Radiskull and Devil Doll live

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OMG, I haven’t thought about good ol’ Radiskull and Devil Doll in a loooooong time. Cool!

For years as our dog grew up his favorite toy was Devil Doll. As a much younger pup he was kinda nippy, especially when he was excited to see you (or anyone really). So we taught him to grab a toy and then greet visitors, mom, kids home from school. Always brought a smile to my face when he’d grab Devil Doll. We patched him up for years until my wife said he had to go. So he stayed in a corner of the garden for a few years after that until Radiskull came to take him home.

Good to see Joe still rockin that rockabilly look (and sideburns are cool again yea!)

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Not to be confused with Devil Doll:

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