Things I miss: Radiskull

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OMG so much. I still have my tshirt & keychain doe <_<



The radiskull might still be out there. Killing us all one by one would take a long time, after all.


I’m not sure what ended up happening to those two. I know at one point Radiskull was suing Devil Doll for serving him overly hot coffee. WE NEED TORT REFORM!

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Radiskull is the Internet’s Steamboat Willie. It was really funny back in the day, but good luck trying to share it with someone who started using the net in the last ten years.

It is best experienced in the original Flash, of course.



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Back in the day? I remember Usenet, but somehow missed this entirely. (Does quick Google search…) Hmm, big in 2000 - 2001, okay. Makes sense I guess.

No, seriously! Interactivity (the “roll the tape” button)… high definition… and the occasional out-of-bounds drawing is like a behind-the-scenes special feature.


You’re right. That was cool.

Let’s share a locally-sourced craft beer sometime.

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We had one of those in the kids ‘stuffy toy’ collection for ages. Then we got a dog and he took a liking to poor ol devildoll. The interactive CD-ROM days were fun. There was one outfit that was doing interactive video adventures. A bit like the DragonQuest thing iirc? Interviewed with them during a power outage, they were drinking beer and shooting hoops, until I whipped out my powerbook 165c (oooh ahhh! what a pile of crap) and showed them my Director portfolio… got some freelance work. And a beer.

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I was pretty big into Radiskull and Devil Doll when they came out (I was in college). I am the Radiskull, I will kill you one by one! I still have that pop into my head once in a while.

To this day I still say “GIVE to Radiskull” when I want things I’m about to have, especially boiling hot coffee.


I burned all their music to CD way back. The disks are long corrupted and gone but I still have intact backups stored away on DDS tape… now if I can just get my DDS carousel drive to work…

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to kick it!

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Same. I also say, “Radiskull needs sleep” when I’m really tired.

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