My favorite internet animator, Joe Sparks, is back

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So much from that time is just gone, not archived, or indexed (the same as lost).
For instance The Odd Gods (Just 2.5 episodes with no words, but fantastic use of sound.) On the other hand Dead Rat is still around. Both were available via HotBot. Joe Danger, a fantastic noir nearly trichromatic animation is lost to time. The name used by an unrelated game and cartoon.

Some other oldies, Mondo’s Piki and Poko almost made it to the end. Wild Brains Glue! didn’t make it to the end, but the company still survives.

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You should watch all the Episodes of Radiskull. One by one, just for fun, one by one, yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!


working for a company that apparently wouldn’t let Joe publish independent work

the fuck

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One might think of RS&DD as “nature’s candy.” :slight_smile:

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His Dickie and Jackie is quite the earworm.

Came here to talk about this too. I understand that work is work, but i don’t think i would want to be at a place that stopped me from making my own content if that’s what i was known for.

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The good old days when going viral on the web was a few thousand ubergeeks that followed this. These were from the early flash days when it was future splash and not adobe if I remember correctly. There was something similar from just before that was in shockwave but I cant remember the name. This brings back great memories, including WebWorld 2000 in Seattle where everyone thought vector would completely supplant raster.

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