Lost Internet Classics: Joe Sparks' 'Radiskull'




I forgot all about this, and now I feel…old.


That’s a blast from the past, or my name isn’t Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln!


I thought I was the only one. /dovescry


Too funny! We haven’t forgotten old Devil Doll! I got one from a friend who worked at Macromedia (Joe must have handed a few out to grease the wheels at MM). It was part of my kids’ soft stuffed animal collections until we got a dog. Then the dog used him most vilely and we’ve been patching him up ever since. His red has faded to a delicate pink, but seeing my dog run around the back yard with DD in his mouth always brings a smile.


bizarrely i was thinking about this just a few days ago. i used to have a thing that let you save shockwave flash objects offline.


It broke my heart for years when I would make a Radiskull reference and nobody else would get it. Thank you for confirming that somebody else, somewhere remembers this strange little cartoon.


Look what I have.


Good find. My friend loved this clip. In our office we’d watch it in between marathon sessions of Unreal Tournament on our blue G3 towers.


I still bring my girlfriend her coffee “boiling hot” to which she still says “Yeeeeeeeeeaaah!”


We used to watch Radiskull and Devil Doll all the time one year in college, after I stumbled across it. I NEVER forgot, man.

Naaaature’s caaaandy!


OMFG I forgot how good the song are, episode 3 is just jamming heheheh


Kick it Radiskull! My god this brings back fantastic memories. If my wife weren’t across the room yelling “Yeeeeeeah!” just like Devil Doll this would be a perfect moment. P.S. Someone needs to reintroduce Devil Doll into the plush market. I want one.


And don’t forget Dicky and Jackie http://joesparks.com/dj/introtheme/index.htm


Nostalgia bomb. That show was great.


I actually bought a coffee pot because it advertised making coffee “just the way you like it”.


god I remember laughing my butt off at this when I was working on “Weekend Pussy Hunt” at Spümcø. old


Hello from Joe Sparks. My friends were sharing this article with me all day. Thanks! I started to work on another cartoon called Dicky & Jackie, and I created one episode but never launched it. You can see the first episode here: http://joesparks.com/dj/e01_preview/

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