Watch: KFC has a spooky VR escape room as part of their training program


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KFC's phenomenally creepy Bio-Shock-esque VR training video

“Chicken Mastery program…”

Oh, fast food. Don’t ever change!


This is it! My true calling! I’ve always enjoyed cooking.


I didn’t notice any chickens in that room, hmmmm…


I … uhh… the hell I just watch?


Is this for real!? Hard to believe that they hired a team to make this utterly pointless VR experience, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me… An ad firm I used to work for is constantly hired to make high-production VR content to sell b2b software at trade shows. Ugh.


I’d love to see what it takes to get a grade of ‘F’ on that scorecard. Like, can you just stick your hands directly into the pressure fryer?


eh, Community did it better


Game in action :joy:

(Switched link to official KFC channel video)


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i liked it better the first time it was posted.


Seems like same-page-dupes are happening more often.


When does he use the bees plasmid (Insect Swarm) for the honey roasted chicken? Or the Murder of Crows Vigor for restocking? They could try the Incinerate plasmid, but once the Ayn Randian chicken utopia goes bad it goes REALLY bad…


You have to respect a company willing to paint itself as a nightmare dystopia for kicks.


I liked their hypnosis sessions better…


Honestly, I think this is fantastically effective. The learning objective is just to remember “inspect, rinse, shake, bread, plate, fry,” and I just memorized that procedure without any desire to become a KFC employee. The weirdness and creepy humor is going to be way more memorable than any stupid training video.

I also am fascinated by how careful it was to assure the trainee that they are not going to be replaced by a robot. You know damn well that fast food franchises will automate every step of the food production process as soon as they perfect the “is this a piece of chicken or a rodent” visual inspection algorithms.


People will watch this while stoned and then want to get some KFC. Sales objective accomplished!


But what game do the chickens get to play?


Parts is parts.


Yep, they deserve $15 an hour.