Watch: Kurds take out a "suicide bomb truck" as it hurtles toward them

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In war, a good day is when one person dies instead of fifty.


That Javelin sticks out like a sore thumb.

The RPGs the use are surprisingly effective, but the Javelin is guided and much more likely to strike a moving target at range.

Interesting that the Kurds have women fighters with their men. More progressive than America?


More progressive than Daesh.


it was a good day to be a Kurd, and that ain’t too often.


To be fair, that’s not too hard, being more progressive than Daesh…

Also, this is worth reading (maybe @Mister44 might find it interesting too):

Where I found it:

Another article on this topic:


<a href=“"target=”_blank">This article is from last year, but will help you understand a bit better about Kurdish women on the front lines.


They are in the middle of a revolution, after all, and they’ve been making a big deal of out feminism. Not sure if these are part of it, though.

Thanks for the links from you and @IronEdithKidd.

I knew there were women in the front lines in the Middle East already, just pointing it out for those that didn’t. I also know that it seems the Kurds have their act together in general. But I haven’t read those two articles and I am interested in learning more so thank you.


Happy to share them! I read them a while ago and found the influences on this attempt at state building interesting as well as the fact that Kurdish women are so pro-active. We’ll see what the US does to fuck it up, because you know we will.


Well I hope not and that we learn from mistakes.

I know from friends and acquaintances who served there that the Kurds commanded their respect the most and the Kurdish regions felt the safest and treated better and felt more at home than in other areas.


Hasn’t happened so far - we’re still doing the same “enemy of my enemy is my friend” BS we did in the Cold War. I’m not going to hold my breath on that. I’ll hope for it, but not expect it.

That’s awesome to hear!


I fully support the idea that the Kurds create a homeland out of Iraq and Syria to call their own. They earned it. Not only are the only party in the Iraq/Syria conflict not to occasionally switch sides to support Daesh, they went out of their way to protect the Yahdzis facing genocide. We should have let them carve out Northern Iraq as their own when we occupied the nation. They were the only group which weren’t trying to kill us out of some kind of tribal agenda.


We already have been fucking it up by not giving the Kurds the kind of support they need. All out of our ties with Turkey.


Comparisons with Mad Max are not entirely appropriate… but they really did get the pyrotechnic effects right in that film, didn’t they?

Yes, let’s all engage our 15-year-old selves and not think about why such comparisons are not entirely appropriate. Let’s applaud stuff (and a human being) blowing up real good instead.

I’m glad commenters have not followed that suggestion (resulting in a thread that already contains better substance than the OP).

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The weirdest about saying it’s not appropriate is the armoured pick-up looked like it was stolen right off the set of a Mad Max movie.


Which are as outdated as our ties with the Shah of Iran.

When the definitive Rise and Fall of the American Empire is written in 100 years, historians will be baffled as to why we maintained certain alliances long past them making any sense strategically or morally.


I would assume that they are too rare to use against technicals.


Scariest level of tower defense ever.

There is a reason for that, in the ideology of ISIL, you die as a matyr when you are killed in combat by a man, but when you are killed by a woman, you go straight to hell. Thats why ISIL fighters are actually scared sh*tless by female fighters.