Trump gives Turkey blessing to attack Kurds, U.S. allies in war on ISIS

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I’m sure this is a move by the president to fight the well known corruption by the Bidens and their dealing in Turkey.


Remember when 'the full faith and credit of the United States" meant something one could count on? Yeah, that’s over.

The US will never be regarded in the same way again.


Of course the US has done this. Rojava is a secular, democratic island run by people who are have been fighting against ISIS and jihadists for years. That’s far too close to success to be allowed.

Or perhaps it’s just a reflex action . undermining local democratic movements and instead supporting local brutal strongmen like Erdogan has been US foreign policy for the past hundred years.

Either way, the Syrian conflict might be resolving into two distinct sides, with the Kurds being forced into alliance with the Government and their Allies against the Turks, the jihadists and their backers in the Gulf.


I’m sure that Mr Erdogan’s conversation with Trump had nothing to do with the two Trump Towers in Turkey and their possible future profits.

Also, interesting that the White House’s statement didn’t mention the agreement with Turkey that Trump had been so proud of, just a few months ago, to establish a ‘safe zone’ and to continue backing the Kurds. This move dumps that agreement without warning, destroys our relationship with the Kurds and any trust we’d built up in the Middle East, and almost definitely paves the way for ISIS to return in force.


That may be a desired result for the military-industrial complex.


If anything the US has been consistent in selling out the Kurds, from Kissinger to Reagan and now Trump. I doubt this betrayal comes as much of a surprise to them.


So, now US weapons in Turkey’s arsenal will be used to kill former US allies. Great.

I’m sure that the Putin Turkey alliance is just fine with this.


Further proof that waiting to resolve this at the 2020 ballot box was NEVER the correct approach.

Make any and all efforts to put his crimes in front of the American people in a formal setting, and make it CLEAR how laws have been broken (clarity and focus were not hallmarks of the Mueller appearance before congress). Make it so clear that even his GOP enablers will bow to public sentiment.

Cut this cancer OUT.

Clarifying: No, I’m not referring to this as a crime. Rather, it’s just another in a seemingly endless series of impulsive blunders that leads to further erosion in confidence among US allies.


everyone with a republican senator must make it plain to the that they will be voted out of office if they do not vote to convict. it will take masses of red-meat republican voters turning on their senators to make that happen.

no action by democrats alone will be able to do anything about trump. it will require republican senators voting en masse to convict trump after he is impeached. start calling, emailing, and writing letters to your republican senators now. start organizing for the next election now. start taking the fight to the republican senators now.


I’m so fucking done with this clown and everyone that either cheers him on or stays quiet on his bullshit because they’re afraid of losing their support.


The US has a long sordid history of selling out or abandoning local allies. This betrayal was almost guaranteed to happen.


Cue trump sycophant whining stage…

“Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley denounced the decision to allow Turkey to fight U.S.-allied Kurds.”


No, I can’t remember a time like that. When would that have been?

I wonder how Israel would act at that point. They seem to hate the Syrian government, but have at times allied with the Kurds. Maybe they will just bomb both sides at random?


For most of my lifetime (until now) and decades of the past century.


IIRC, everyone has been selling out the Kurds for the last several centuries, and/or kicking on them whenever they feel like they need someone to beat on. They’re one of the unlucky but stubbornly resilient underdogs of history.


Tell that to the Kurds.

This is not their first rodeo.


I know, right? It’s almost like America used to be great, but somehow isn’t anymore. If only there was someone who could return America to that long lost greatness. Maybe even a movement to make America great again…



The Kurds have been screwed over by America and most of the world for quite a long time, sadly, it’s true. It’s a shame that we threw away any remaining trust for cash yet again.