Watch: leaked demo of malware offered to spying governments

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I assume they have money? Yet they couldn’t spring for like …a tripod?


I think the recording was made covertly, not by the manufacturer


Nice try “Mito3”. We all know that all this “miracle app” is doing is actually installing Flash, then just riding the wave of vulnerabilities…


If you can trick a user in to agreeing to an installation, you can do anything at all to them. Recording calls is just the tip of the icebreg.

So much for my forensic expertise!

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Not much that is new or amazing about what is being done there.

He can only inject by messing with http connections until he can get a foothold to install root certs.

There are free tools on the internet that can do what he is doing there.

So that is the quality of tools being sold? Ouch.

Still, it’s horrible governments are using things like this.

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