WATCH: lungs of smoker vs non-smoker


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I saw a freshly removed smoker’s lung when I was 9 years old. Cured me for life of any interest in trying the damn things. (thumbs up to Dad’s surgeon buddy at the hospital where Dad works for that tactic). I’m going to have to save this for future use in that same regard.

If they are so healthy then why are they outside a body?


Somebody took them out.


I take it you’ve never seen Dead Alive.

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The lungs are healthy. The rest of him, not so healthy.


I’m thinking neither smoker nor non-smoker has won the game of life in this case. But of course nobody does. That said, there is no good reason to voluntarily handicap yourself with tobacco (says the ex-smoker).

Fans of inflating black lungs may also enjoy ‘Coal Fired Computers’.

This week it has been surprisingly hard to avoid pictures or videos of actual disembodied lungs being inflated. Outrageous Acts of Science yesterday shared a video from a woman who wanted to show her children how lungs work so she bought cows lungs and inflated them.

You mean… they took the lungs out and… Trauma intensifies!!!

As an ex-smoker, I do wonder how much I have handicapped myself with the 15 years I spent sucking crap into my organs. It’s amazing what I was prepared to slowly do myself when it was taking place invisibly inside me (though tangible in other respects).

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