You've met the man designed to survive a car crash, now meet the Natural Born Smoker

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When I do get “that call”, it’s a sure bet it’s a smoker in my family is dead. It astonishes me that in this day and age that humans still smoke coffin nails, weird.


smaller ears because they don’t listen”? - well someone has a chip on their shoulder about smokers…

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Well… It’s a relative constant that teenagers will do dumb shit, and make bad decisions. And it’s also a constant that nicotine is addictive as fuck.

Put those together, and you have a receipie for smoking that lasts far beyond people knowing it’ll kill them.

That’s how I started anyway. Combo of one part just being around a ton of people who smoke and getting tired of being “left inside” either by myself or with the other losers, while everyone else goes out and dicks around doing their smoking thing. And the other part being I was trying to self-medicate my anxiety and stress. And now when I stop smoking bad things happen surprisingly quickly.

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Seriously, go lecture a smoker. See how quick they’ll either walk away or tell you that while smoking definitely puts them at risk for cancer, telling them off is bad for your health too.


guess it depends on what they are smoking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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