Do not want: party decoration / cigarette dispenser


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I feel a little silly, i spent a good 20secs trying to work out what the acronym DIWHY stood for before realisation dawned :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never understood smoking, and it’s not like I didn’t try it several times in high school to see what the fuss was all about. It doesn’t provide that much physical enjoyment, whatever buzz you get is more like dizziness. Seems like it serves two purposes, 1.) to make teenagers feel older or cooler, and 2.) getting physical pleasure satisfying the addiction you basically forced yourself to have so you could pose with a cigarette.


More like DIWTF?


Hrmmm… even as a former smoker, this puzzles me. How does it save time or trouble? And why does he try to light the cigarette like a joint? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cigarettes are addictive for a lot of reasons, but it turns out a lot of it is that there are undeniable (but small) benefits, just after smoking, including mood elevation and somewhat higher results on some types of IQ tests; it also has significant promise in the treatment of Parkinson’s and possibly Alzheimer’s.

Just like most drugs, nicotine can be beneficial when used properly. Just as for marijuana/THC, claims of the demonic nature of nicotine are hyperbolic, at best.


Of course this is from Russia.

“This party is fun, but you know what make better party? cigarette tree.”


Why does Boing Boing promote smoking? Every three days more people die from smoking in the US than died in the Twin Towers attack yet Boing Boing things its funny to make cigarette trees. Boing Boing always writes stories that are interesting and challenging but this is appalling.




Is that sighing you struggling for breath my friend? Most people who smoke around 20 cigarettes per day will have some degree of emphysema.


a) There’s absolutely nothing about this article that promotes smoking. Rather, it is ridiculing the “cigarette tree”; yes, it IS funny to a good number of people, as the responses here indicate.

b) Nicotine itself has positive health effects, when used properly. See the links I provided above, or simply search for “health benefits nicotine”, before you try to argue otherwise.

Concern-troll elsewhere, Jon, if you would. If you think this is some kind of glorification of cigarette smoking, you badly need to reevaluate that assessment. And that’s from a non-smoker.


Glue 'em to a bottle of Stoli and you’re getting somewhere.


You could call that piece “Russian Evening” or “Moscow Conversation”, perhaps, and sell it for $20K-80K, at least!


And some negative ones as well, very similar to caffeine in those regards.
It is, among other things, a mild stimulant that one quickly becomes adapted to.

How good or how bad it is for ones healthy largely depends on dosage and frequency/method of administration.

I personally drink my stimulants and smoke my depressants, but hey we all pick our vices and how to administer them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:


I’m aware, hence “when used properly”. Furthermore, even water overdoses can be quite dangerous and enough aspirin will kill you stone dead rather quickly. I also do not injest nicotinoids of any nature, although I’ll admit a certain fondness for the smell of some varieties of cigar and pipe tobacco smoke.

What bothers me is silly fear-mongering, when the substance in question DOES have direct medical uses — some of which have very promising ramifications — now that we are treating it as a drug, not just a vice. It’s exactly congruent to similar hysteria re: marijuana/THC.


i meant to come across as more “agreeing” than i did…lol. i’m full onboard with your viewpoint! :+1:


most people who make around 20 self righteous comments per day will have no friends.

Never too soon to quit, friend. I know, it’s crazy addictive, but really, quite toxic to those around you.

Boing Boing always writes stories that are interesting and challenging but this is appalling.

Your definition of ‘always’ sounds to me to be about as exceptional as you would seem to see yourself as being.

I wouldn’t call it appalling though, as I am not here to complain about the free ice cream. I find your show delightful, in fact. Thank you for reminding me that some people are like you.


That number is probably lower.



One develops an addiction to the rolled-coaster of needing one to not needing one in a variable length cycle, usually involving minutes, so that life without that cycle seems bland.
Just as a life of continual sobriety can seem bland to some.
Boredom should not be underestimated as a factor of addiction.


I don’t generally smoke in public, try harder. It’s not something I do for you or to impress you, sorry, but others are frankly not involved in the choice, for me. I’m afraid your omniscience missed this time. Do you now attack me for not conforming to your reality, or reconsider your statement as less absolute? Your call!

And speaking of postures