Watch Mad Max:Fury Road in glorious shiny monochrome

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in pursuit of removing the voices lots of sound effects are removed also… making this useless.

I believe is due to copyright reasons.

Just desaturizing the movie and posting it whole would be… problematic, to say at least.

Also, is just great for dubbing actors to practice from home! HaHaHa!


Before you ask “Why not just turn down the Saturation slider?” … If this is done right (still downloading, haven’t compared side-by-side yet,) it’s not that simple. The contrast curve has to be adjusted for good results, ideally separately for each channel (and differently for the various looks used throughout — you wouldn’t use the same curves for the nighttime or dust storm scenes as the blazing high noon ones.)




One of the things I liked about Fury Road was the abundance of color. Black and… chrome, it just doesn’t do it for me; granted I understand there are people who are fine with black and white and I can even enjoy a good black and white movie, but I feel like I’d enjoy it even more, in color. I suppose I have a multi-chromist bias and give a pass to old movies because color wasn’t possible, or at least practical at the time.

That said,
Witness him!


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Just got the blu-ray, and while the movie looks and sounds great, the disc gives every impression of having been rushed out the door. There’s hardly any features and the menus are so amateurish and ugly that my friends and I laughed when we booted the disc up. That, plus George Miller’s repeated statements of all the crazy stuff he wanted to put on the blu-ray that’s not there, leads me to think that a ‘special edition’ must be on the way for Christmas.


Mediocre, Miller, Mediocre.

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An apocalyptic movie in B&W with no dialog, oh man, you are gonna love The Last Battle (


Hope you grabbed this, because it’s gone…

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Already gone. :frowning:


Because the director has stated that his ideal version would be in monochrome?

Unsurprising, really. Did anybody expect it to last online for long?

but why?

For his art?

I don’t recall. It is just something he discussed in an interview I heard.

He said in interviews (repeated in the article above) that he was tired of the washed-out, dull looking color tone of movies right now, and was also tired of the teal-and-orange cliché movies fall back on. But since they were in a desert with rusty vehicles, everything was naturally teal and orange. So they super-saturated the color. But when they tried going black-and-white, it looked so rich and distinct and original that he fell in love with it.


thanks guys, I think I was being a bit simple there, maybe also predicated on a misunderstanding… I thought he wanted no sound as well.

Maybe some cue cards from silent cinema edited in could complete the effect. I especially
like the hyper-accentuated reds in the film but, and I mean no offence, surely if your subject matter is naturally captured with teal and orange, then the scheme gells with the mis en scene?

I dunno, the guy’s a genius in my book, probably I shouldn’t be second guessing his preferences.

Two words: Happy Feet

He also said in an interview that he really dug the idea of presenting the movie with no dialogue, just a symphony of pummeling music and explosions. I’m not sure if that’s something he actually wanted to do or was just musing, because Miller’s kinda wacky that way.

And for the record, I thought Happy Feet was pretty great, along with Babe, which is magical. Happy Feet 2, not so much.

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