Deleted scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road, starring "Temp Baby!"

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From what I’ve read, the current BLU RAY offering does NOT have the black and white version included. It’s been said that it’s going to be held back to make the superfans buy it twice.

While an official black and white version would be nice, can one not just use the settings on their monitor/tv to make it be black and white and get the same effect?

I want the official black and white to also have the score only track. That would be worth the buy.

Well, it’s apparent that Miller knows what to cut and what to keep.


Agreed. I did like the thought of the scene leaving Splendid and the History Lady behind, all of those felt like natural pacing cuts that would have done nothing but dragged the film down if they stayed in.


No. How you convert a color image to black and white can have a huge impact on the aesthetic and emotional impact of the finished image.

Here’s a random found example of how simply adding a blue filter to the conversion process can dramatically change the look of things (straight desaturated first, then filtered):

I’m sure any film director would prefer their chosen colorist to consciously guide that conversion instead of letting luminance values fall where they may. And the type of fan who buys special editions is the type of fan that cares.

(Does every TV set even have a true “zero saturation” mode? I’d guess no, but I didn’t check.)


Yep. You can use an Instagram filter on your vacation photos from Yosemite but that’s not gonna make you Ansel Adams.


The official release with the black and white copy will have score only as an option too.
I resent them for what I feel like is double-dipping when it comes to this movie release.

Actually, the Gotham filter did exactly that. Rumor has it they had to pull it because of the hilarious legal repercussions of having too many Ansel Adamses around.

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Yes, I understand that dropping your saturation wouldn’t be the same however you can still get a close enough desired effect on top of the color copy if that is what you desire. Anyone who is wanting to see this film in BW should not let any technical hurdles get in their way. (and plus, if you have a home system good enough to view this film properly, dropping your color levels should not be an issue)

And as for the BW/Score only version…until we actually see it announced (we don’t even know that a second release is even coming!) it is just a pipe dream. And even then…unless Miller or John Seal or Margaret Sixel are involved with a BW conversion of a release there is no way it is going to be ‘Ansel Adams’ level of quality.

Y’know, I really loved Fury Road, but gotta say the whole famous THIS IS A FEMINIST MOVIE thing went right by many women I know, who found some of it distressing and, well, gratuitous. The C-section, particularly. One felt it wasn’t a million miles from Taken, for example, which shows some pretty horrible things being done to young girls.

FOR SALE: temp-baby wire-frames, never rendered.


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