Watch man break world record for pulling on most underwear in 30 seconds


Jumping seems inefficient.
Maybe if he laid on his back and had somebody hand them to him.


This brings to mind a memory from my teens. My parents were away so my buddy and I invite a couple girls from the neighborhood over for some beer and strip poker. The girls showed up and it turns out they were each wearing about eight pairs of panties so we never got to see the goods. Made no difference anyway because they were better card players than us.


Wait just a minute, he started with one pair already on?! How is that even legal? It’s like starting the 100 meter dash 5 meters past the starting line.


It’s a safety issue.


Bond had absolutely no idea about how to make a good martini, but then he was too soused to give a fuck.


He faltered more than once. Jack Jockstrap could beat him. How many hours did he waste practicing to become an Underwear Sensei? Maybe he could learn a more useful skill, like doing it with condoms.


Absolutely ZERO criticism; just pure observation: Excepting Ian Fleming, you may be the only person to ever try and get into Bond’s mind and secret drinking habits.


Day before: Man puts swimmers on ice in anticipation of Guinness World Record.

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