Watch man's confused reaction at drone that fell from the sky

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Are we allowed to express skepticism in the new pro-business environment? I await a response before commenting further.


“Step right up, get ya Mista Fo Tee For custom anti-drone helmet! Guaranteed to protect your noggin from drone impacts in any situation! Easy to use, easy to wear, weighs so little you will forget it’s there! Accessorize it with stickers, spray paint, and zip tied on doll parts. The only limit is your imagination!”


Now now, I assure you this is not a vial campaign for Mista Fo Tee For’s officially licensed custom drone helmets. We at Magnum Co are a classy lot, and never would stoop to cheap gimmicks.


I hope that you will do so. Loudly and often. We need dissenting voices now.


I bet the guy was less surprised after the third or fourth time.


Hmm…drones falling out of the skies? I’d be torn between worrying about somebody missing their drone and…well, getting a free drone.

Is that too mercenary? I worry that it’s not.


Not really amusing. A GoPro Karma w/ battery & camera weighs a little over 4 lbs (1870g) and, depending on the height from which it dropped, could do some serious injury. And there are MUCH heavier drones out there.

There appears to be little regulatory interest in requiring manufacturers to incorporate some means of retarding the speed of a dropping drone - such as a drogue chute, auto-rotate or similar design. Beyond safety to those on the ground, you’d think it would also be desirable for saving the drone itself.

Not that drones are alone in this regard. Same goes for the RC aircraft hobby. One unexpectedly dropped in a straight dive 15ft from a group of us & was heavy enough to have killed someone.

Parachutes for light aircraft were a thing for a while. Don’t know if it caught on or not.

I got it - Drone auto gyros! They lose power, they basically slowly fall back down to earth. The fast they fall, the more the blades spin, retarding the fall.

File under why we can’t have nice things…
And people this is why you should not be flying your toys in parks and all over everywhere that you think is cool.

Pretty sure public parks are for, you know, the public.

That’s a good point. The guy looked like he was playing baseball. Those things wing at 100mph + when hit with a bat. People die every year playing it and softball.

In an area designated for it. Anyone walking near a ball field should be marginally aware of the hazard. Just like going by a golf course. Should I just expect to get hit on the head by a heavy quadcopter out of the blue at any park in any area?

Regular RC planes are prohibited to specific areas your private property if you have enough room exactly for those reasons.


I think he is starting to realize the truth.

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i guess it’s the same with good old auto-destruct.

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