Watch martial arts legend Scott Adkins explain why John Wick's fight scenes rule

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It is always nice to see local lad, Scott Adkins, representing the Midlands. The idea that he’d be cast to wear a fat-suit is surprising, but, as ever, he seems to take things in his stride.


You’re both from around here?

The More You Know Kitty GIF

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Haven’t you seen us hanging out in Pigeon Park with the Emo kids?


Dunno, I did see some guy doing what he thought was kung-fu practice against the kid’s climbing frame.


I haven’t seen the 3rd and 4th movie yet.The 1st one was a masterpiece in action films. The 2nd one seemed to go “What can we do to top ourselves?” and that resulted in some scenes that didn’t work for me. Too over the top and unrealistic.

I have heard from a few friends that 4 suffers from more of the over the top stuff.


The Goose clan and I have been learning Kung Fu in our living room from a Kung Fu master on Patreon (so…grains of salt and all) and I must say, it really holds true that trying to do something exponentially increases your appreciation of that thing. Regularly noodling on the guitar totally changed how I listen to good (and even mediocre) guitar playing playing, and trying to get my resting stance to not be a wobbly, knee-and-groin busting mess gives does the same for any martial arts on screen.


Hollywood has come a long way from just stuffing a pillow under loose clothes to make a fat man. It’s almost unbelievable that Scott Adkins played “Killa”.

Great movie BTW but a tad to long. People were pulling out their cellphones to check the time towards the end at the theater I saw it in.

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