John Wick fights re-enacted with Nerf guns

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Ah, but they failed to replace Keanu with foam…

Just kidding, I like Keanu no matter what say the naysayers. I think he’s a decent actor. I prefer an actor be a bit subdued over chewing the scenery to bits.


This was more clever than I expected; well-shot and choreographed, and the sound effects are great. I couldn’t help when watching John Wick thinking it was a bit too much of a blue-print for angry young men to pour over… I just remember being a teenager and how my friends and I sort of obsessed over that kind of highly skilled movie violence (Like in Ronin or Hardboiled or something). But this Nerf video seems actually pretty fun.


I dunno. That latest offer of 150 bazillion would make me consider jumping on board the assassin train.
Well done video.


I can see how funny this is supposed to be. And it really is technically well done.

There’s something missing, and I’m not sure how to put my trigger finger on it…

Like when SNL parodies Trump, they are already lampooning such a cartoon figure already, they must take it over the top somehow, like with Alec Baldwins absurdly pouted lips.

This film looks like a shot for shot remake of the movie, only with nerf. The original was such a celebration of gun culture -itself a grotesque cartoon of the power of violence- that unless you put the nerf version in clown costumes or pout there lips or do some other signal that “this is a joke” - unless you do something like that, it’s everywhere bit as distorted and weird as the original.

Those bizarre touches that SNL puts on its Trump sketches, are there to reassure us that they are on our side, really, they know how absurd the original is, and they’re trying to make it funny.

With the nerf shoot ups, it’s only really funny if you take John Wick and his source culture seriously.

I think it would work just fine if you did this to a Quentin Tarantino film, that guy gets it already.

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  1. I think this is from John Wick 2! So if you haven’t seen this yet, like me, maybe don’t watch.

  2. Up your Nerf game with super sonic darts.

  3. [quote=“anansi133, post:5, topic:97681”]
    With the nerf shoot ups, it’s only really funny if you take John Wick and his source culture seriously.

The source culture is action and spy films, not “gun culture”. Everything in John Wick (at least the first film) is fantasy, from the idea one person can stave off death from that many armed assailants, to the idea there is some sort of elite assassin underground with fancy hotels paid for in gold coins, and some sort of “gentleperson” code of conduct.

This is more akin to Bugsy Malone, substituting guns for pies in a hard boiled gangster story - with musical numbers…

Or probably a more accurate analogy is putting lightsabers into a Game of Thrones battle.

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Yes, silly notion extremely amusing, not at all realistic. The idea! Ha ha ha. Of course fiction! Ha ha ha. :sweat:

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