Watch mechanical orchestra of knives play disco

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Needs more cowbell.

It’s the soundtrack from the movie “Aichmophobia”!


Yeah, there were knives present but other than to strike the bells the real performance was accomplished without the need for extraneous accoutrements. Oh, wait. I forgot this was about disco.


I’m a little disappointed, as I completely misunderstood what the knives were going to be doing with/to disco.

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I hear lots of solenoids, very few knifes.

Oh no. No no no. The knives were pretty sweet, but I lost count of all the wrong notes. Dude, if you can’t transcribe accurately, there’s probably ten free fan scores out there. Or if you’re spending hundreds on knives, you might invest ten bucks in the actual sheet music?

Prettily filmed, but musically, it’s got nothing on What is Love on hard drives or House of the Rising Sun on tesla coils (both wonderful).

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Electric Knife Orchestra, aka EKO, covers the wrong music. Suggestion:

One of my personal favorites is Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction on Tesla coil:

There’s also a few impressive covers of Sail by Awolnation on the Tesla coil too.

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