The Apprehension Engine: custom musical instrument generates natural nightmare noises

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If only Peter Christopherson and John Balance had had access to that!


Was that an e-bow at 2:40?

A Tim Ebow… nah, who could stand that guy.


Some of the sounds gave me a bit of a chill. But I miss that fast “plic-plicplic-plic-plicplicplic” sound they use when ever something gross or creepy is about to happen. I don´t know which instument they use for that.

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Today I learnt that outside of the context of a horror movie many of the sounds used seem to be some type of imitation whale song.


Spectacularly horrible and delicious – both of them.


Yeah, it’s a bit clearer to identify in the still photo I saw elsewhere. At one point he seems to be using it directly on the reverb tank springs.


Want. Now I need to figure out how to make one, I guess.

They had access to weirder things than that. (E.g. the ANS photoelectronic synthesizer)


Superior North Korean technology is already on it:


I’ve always wanted to put together an industrial noise percussion kit. It’s been on the back burner for decades. This wakes up some brain cells.

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I like it, but I don’t perceive it as scary in any way.
Did I listen to too much Industrial in my youth?


Is that perhaps pizzicato (sul ponte) violins, or col legno violins, or something else violinsy? Maybe I’m being too violinist here.

Also needs some ■■■■■ sounds.


Amazing. Could you imagine if they ever figured out how that creates that feeling in our brain? On the opposite side of the coin, could you imagine if they could figure out a way to induce pleasure in the same way? How long will it be legal? How long before we all sat in a room with headphones on, feeling ecstatic?

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I think you’ve just invented music, my friend.


It needs some wood blocks too.

Tension, apprehension,
And dissension have begun.

The creepiest part is when that thing disappears at 0:59.

Makes me think of this for some reason:

Used to great effect here:

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That’s the kind of sounds I hear when I go to the dentist office, that ungodly fear that sits in the lizard brain and screams at all the higher centers of the brain, promising that every nerve related to pain is going to be violated beyond any hope of endurance. My appointment is at 9 in the morning…root canal… hope is fruitless.

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How ironic would it be, that the first people made obsolete by AI are Death/Industrial/Metal musicians?

Perhaps, they sensed it coming, and were trying to warn us…

It’s not magic. These same sounds might produce nothing but curiosity if they showed up at the office at 9. You have to put them together with narrative and atmosphere.

I recall some ancient Rabbi saying something about invisible waves causing emotions within us being the closest humans can get to the power of God.