North Korea wakes its citizens with creepy dystopian music


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and Chicago’s tornado siren

Thanks a fucking lot. Now I got Pyramid Head stomping up and down my stairwell and the walls are rusty.


If I was able to consign millions to living in a recreation of Oceania, you’d better believe I’d wake them up every day with creepy dystopian music piped in through loudspeakers. What would be the point of being a totalitarian dictator if I didn’t do that?


Oh, North Korea, you’ve charmed me again!


Yet another standard of living the North Koreans have over the USA.


That’s totally designed to evoke a maudlin morning. Every morning.


N Korean X-Files


But how do you snooze?

Also, that tornado siren is going to keep me awake tonight and I don’t even live anywhere near the tornado zone. That is terrifying.


Well a lot of the creep factor is the non-Western scale, which, to be fair, probably sounds just duckie to Koreans.



Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble



North Korea is taking its cues from the horrific disco musical, "The Apple"


Scientology had better up their game in Clearwater Florida.


Now I know where all their electricity goes.


I … i liked it.


I mean, not every-morning-can’t-not-listen-to-it like it, but still.



Admit it! You're going to miss me when I'm gone!


Sounds like part of the soundtrack to a creepy Italian giallo horror movie (or a modern horror film referencing the same).