This weird looking music instrument is a box built for horror soundtracks


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Could be the soundtrack to my daily commute.


This was wonderful last time too!




i want one now just as badly as I did 9 weeks ago!


Puts me in a mood for some classic horror music.


I guess I missed it last time. Or I didn’t click on it. Pretty neat. I assumed all of those sounds were from Foley artists finding unique sounds scooting shit around or using saw blades and bows or what ever. I guess making one convenient box like that makes it much easier.


Why wasn’t it called the “apprehengine”? Such a missed opportunity…


Still want.

The first video is new, no? Nice to see it mentioned again, this time with a few more hints about how it was made. I’m so tempted to try to build one, myself… (or at least parts of it).

Too easy to get that confused with a calculation engine that allows one to run apps on Stonehenge, again.



I don’t see how this thing can capture any criminals.


Not to mention that quaint little Inn where you can get your old apps re-henged whilst you have a sup and a pipe.


I interviewed the creator and the film composer duo who made this possible on my Geeks & Beats podcast with co-host Alan Cross. Every one they make is unique. Listen here.


Someone needs too incorporate this into an escape the room, stat.


Totally want to build this!


I once had a car that could do that. And more.


I’d suggest, “The Disharmonium” or “The Horrchestrion”


Yep, was planning to go to bed soon. Think I’ll stay up a little longer, with the lights on.

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