WATCH: Musician plays eerie sounding instrument



Eerie sounding. Also sounds like there’re several instruments playing at once.
Living with that view it’s small wonder he’s inspired to invent.
That gap under the door looks like it lets in a howling gale in winter however. Perhaps he’s stripping back his cabin to build his creations.

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Super crazy instrument. The sound is really something else, it’s like a cello on steroids… and acid. I bet listening to it in person would be pretty amazing.

Made me think of this:

But seriously, it’s a very neat sound. I’ve been trying to find the sort of music he bases his composition upon, but I’ve cume up woefully short. Any tips?


Interesting. It’s essentially a completely acoustic-resonator implementation of the classic spring reverb tank. He’s just got drum membranes as the amplifying mechanism instead of a pickup and tubes/transistors.


It reminded me of the Zube Tube (I didn’t know they still made them). This is bigger and cooler, of course. Also made me think of the Long String Instrument.

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Come for the music, stay for the view!
I’d love to live in that room, what an amazing space and view.


Looks like the videographers took the time to gel the windows to avoid blowing out the highlights. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone in that castle of musical goodness.

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Yeah man. I am digging the vibe. ( I really talk like this )


Good lord that… thing produces such eerie, bizarre sounds.

Now, I want one.

Or, preferably to build one, only even more spring reverb drums and additional add-on apparatuses for enhanced effects. Run it through a nice Fender amp, add some pedal effects, and sit on a mountaintop wailing away.

Uh, well… something like that.

Hey, I wonder if the guy would make his design available for others to replicate. “Sounds” like it would be a very intriguing “maker” project to build, IMHO. 8^}

Pretty freakin’ awesome.

Funny how springs make reverb so simply.

Makes me think of this with the multiple harmonics:


Boo-hoo, it’s on Vimeo. I can’t manage to get Vimeo video to play on this machine.

However, I’ll keep the link so I can point people who keep insisting on arduino-ing every little, simple task, to it. So many interesting sounds, sights, sensations, and processes don’t need computers. To wit, the Star Wars lasergun sound.

I have a similar problem with Soundcloud, work computer’s browser isn’t entirely up to date and can’t handle it. Occasionally it will refuse to play Youtube videos saying that it can’t handle Flash but then i reload a few times and it’ll work.

No insulation, and looks like single-pane windows. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Istanbul’s weather is a lot like the rest of the eastern Mediterranean.

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I’ve got Firefox 33.1, but with NoScript - which I think is the ‘problem’ with Vimeo, even though I’ve got ‘allow all’ set for boingboing. It might be third-party cookies, which are verbotten here.
The only way I’d be able to watch it, I guess, is to fire up the old Boxee box.

SoundCloud? I’ve never been able to get it to work either. Their loss, if you ask me.

I picked up Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” at 6:02.

Edit: On relisten, I see he started quoting “Ode to Joy” at 4:25.

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Interesting! Though I was referring to the classical Turkish elements:)

You’ll need to click on the NoScript icon and allow Vimeo also. Alternatively, go directly to and allow them there. You’ll often have to allow Embedly too for embedded videos.
For Soundcloud you’ll need to allow sndcdn too. The cdn part is ‘content delivery network’ and lots of sites use that cdn suffix also.
Hope that helps if you haven’t tried it already.
Then if you want an extra layer of security, run your browser in a sandbox. I use SandBoxie.

I recommend Sandboxie too, really easy to use too.