Watch: Michael Bay style Bat vs. Crocodile warfare with bombs and lasers

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I could’ve sworn this was once an Atari game

I get the croc’s behavior, but why heck are the bats doing that? (disregarding the ‘special edition’ VFX for a moment)

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I believe they were batshit insane.


The politically correct term is “guano crazy”.

I think they’re fishing.


Given the size of the bat and the presence of crocodilians (assuming their proximity isn’t a trick of the pixels) I’m guessing that’s a Greater Bulldog Bat. Like all big bats, they’re elegant, impressive, suave and they stink like a chemical factory.

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Brain, stop. No thoughts of bionic weapons-carrying animals, no thoughts how to actually implement that in a wilderness-compatible way! (Okay, lasers would probably not work that way, but flamethrowers could. We already have quite well developed chemical warfare agents in the field of microorganisms and plants, and there’s that bug that farts hypergolic stuff.)


I f’n love this!

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