Watch: 'Mr. Tambourine Man,' sung by kids

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TJ (and the Recess crew) says “Hold my milk…”


Nobody can ever beat the definitive version of this song.

Mr Tambourine Man

For some reason I can’t find the version where there’s a enormous spoken word intro with Shatner rambling on and on about not selling out.


Thanks, Starbugs. I feel slightly less cynical after watching such unbridled innocence.


This is really a cover of the Byrds’ cover of Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”:

The Byrds eschewed Dylan’s acerbic tone in order to make a pleasent pop tune. This version clearly follows in the Byrds’ footsteps—even the instrumentation is reminiscent of their track.


When I hear “sung by kids,” I don’t expect multi-part harmony! Very impressive. If I heard the audio alone I wouldn’t suspect it was kids singing.


Yeah, it’s Dylan’s lyrics with the Byrds’ arrangement and harmonies.

Dylan wasn’t big on harmonizing with himself, other than on The Barbershop Quartet Tapes.

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Well, there was one time on the ‘Self Portrait’ album where Dylan inexplicably decided to self harmonize on Paul Simon’s “The Boxer”. To call that weird is not doing it justice.


Jesse Hillel hasn’t let any grass grow under her feet since then.

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She’s quite a talent! Is she well-known in New Zealand?

That’s an album I’ve never checked out, having read the reviews.

Yes, she was runner-up on a tv talent show when she was a kid. Now going to music school in Australia.

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I like that some of them are singing in bare feet and socks. Best way to work.

Put up your tent, McGuin.

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