I would love a Bob Dylan cover of "Centerfold" by The J. Geils Band

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I would love to hear Bob Dylan do an impression of Bullwinkle the Moose. “Nuthin’ up muh sleeve, Whoa! Momma”.


I used to ask a Russian colleague to say “Natasha! Bring me Moose and Squirrel” all the time.


Would the whistling be replaced by harmonica?


i would very much like the next “Weezer Play Africa” to be “Tom Waits Play The Rhythm Is Going to Get You.” Internet, please make this so.


It’s J. Geils, and can Dylan do this one, esp the bit at the start?

Strangely I’ve found that long-time Geils fans HATE the album. “That pop shit is not what J. Geils was all about mannnn! You had to be there in their glory days in the 70’s!”

But all those big hits were good catchy tunes. Just pretend it’s not J. Geils when you listen to them.

I’m sure a lot of tunes would work as Dylan songs. Sing the lyrics to “Love Stinks” over the chord changes from “All Along The Watchtower.”


I thought this was a great album, got a lot of enjoyment out of it at age 13.


god that was such a great pop tune. of course, it was lost on me back in the day, but that sudden drum riff where the drum is filled with milk rather surprises me now – i mean, that’s quite an obvious sexual visual. how did that get ok’d for MTV?

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I’d really like to hear Mel Torme do any song Chris Cornell ever sang. I’d start with “It’s an all night thing.”


The one I think about:

Fiona Apple covering Dave Matthews Band’s “The Stone”

my blood runs cold e v e r y t i m e i have ever heard this song .
as a teenage girl in 1981, this song summed up the unspoken dread that i felt and later experienced that many men believed that girls and women are here for their. . . . use.





Why did I never think of this?! I have a Russian colleague!


In Russia, colleague has YOU!


I guess I can see that… the main lyric “my blood runs cold” has that revving up melody that is Bob Dylan’s signature. Of course there’s a few artists that ripped that off from him more directly. I’m thinking dire straights right now. Sultans of swing has that same Dylan like melody pattern.

Considering that you are talking about the walking jukebox that is Dylan, it would not surprise if he hasn’t performed this live at some point.
[ETA: was going to fix that sentence, but I like the ambiguity of it]


Jus luv u bidenvolk.
How about the publisher sings “I’m A Slave 4 U”
while Zimmy croons “You’re Having My Baby”?

Oh honey I wanna be your dog…
but you are too too too to be invited to my bar mitzvah.

I wish Dylan would do albums like Johnny Cash’s later American albums full of classic covers.

Lately he’s been doing multiple albums of Sinatra covers. No, I am not making this up.