Watch: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn talk about the future of politics in the US and the UK


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“Look around the crowd. Look at each other. You’re all different. You’re all unique. You’re all individuals. You have different backgrounds, languages. Different ethnic communities. But you’re all united. You’re united in what you actually want in the sense of a collective in society.”

Sounds like something Bernie Sanders would say. Oh right, but he’a too old to run for POTUS…




Uh oh, did Maggie come back from the grave? Otherwise, I don’t see the need to replace her. Digging her up and putting somebody else in the casket just seems like unnecessary work with little benefit.

EDIT: well, it looks like Cory fixed it. You spoiled my fun, Cory!


We never did dig that hole so deep that we could hand her over to Satan.


Freudian slip.
But you’ve got to admit that the resemblance is uncanny.


Not really.

Margaret Thatcher was at least competent at being evil, at least until the Poll Tax Riots.


mealy-mouthedness, (noun)

NK: And what about that picture of the world after we win? How important is that?

JC: The picture of the world is a crucial one. It is about what we do to deal with issues of injustice and inequality and poverty, and above all, hope and opportunity for young people.


We could stuff May in there with her.


Jeremy Corbyn makes Bernie look centrist by comparison.


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