Watch neural networks see only what they've been trained to see


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That video is so cool…the potential for filmmakers is crazy. Need an ocean scene? Ok your washcloth will do, just move it around to create waves. Just mix some crafts and sculpture, and get a volcano. Or a cool flower arrangement, depending on the setting of the AI. Sort of like a keyboard with hundreds of sample settings, but for film.


So, this is how autonumous cars see? No wonder they can’t spot cyclists.


Asking them about that dress would be pointless.


Honey the matrix called, did you miss the appointment for neural network pruning again?


My wife reminds me of this every time I can’t find something because it isn’t where it belongs. It might be in the same general area in plain view, but I don’t see it because it’s NOT WHERE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.


It’s not really a cover, they’re two different interpretations of the Hungarian song.
Billie Holiday used the translation by Sam M. Lewis (which has an incongruously optimistic extra verse), while Diamanda Galas’ version used Desmond Carter’s.


This is why I love the BBS!


“Look at that lovely bunch of flowers. I think I’ll pick some! (Crunch)”

“Young girl holding spotted dog.”


Stuff like this always makes me wonder how many tentacles we miss throughout the day.


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