Watch Nina Paley and Theodore Gray's fantastic embroidered animation for Passover song

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Sedermasochism. (snicker)


holy shit!

I’m so glad they went with the classic Moishe Oysher super-scat soundtrack and not some cheesy straight-ahead modern rendition.

While working on this, Nina Paley tweeted a request for an annotated version of the song, and a guy named Ori Avtalion responded with subtitles transliterating the original Aramaic (the “English original” subtitles) and an English translation (the “English - British” subtitles):

No, there’s no poop. But the Holy One, Blessed be He, DID smite the angel of death, who slew the slaughterer, who killed the ox, that drank the water, that extinguished the fire, that burned the stick,
that beat the dog, that bit the cat, that ate the goat, which my father bought for two zuzim.

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