Dj BC has your Christmas mashups covered with this year's amazing Santastic holiday music sampler

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Love his stuff. The fact that my kids roll their eyes is an added joy. :wink:


It’s the only Christmas (er, holiday) music I’ll play. I look forward to this release all year.

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…It took me way too many re-reads to see “Santastic” instead of “Satanistic.”

The horns on that elf-creature in the poster didn’t help matters.


It might be a Krampus mashup.

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Oy. No thank you. Chanukah is not “Jewish Christmas”.

Maybe I’m missing something. Where was this said or implied?

Why should chanukah songs even be mentioned in a post about Christmas songs in the first place?

To an unfortunately large number of American Jews who do things like “christmaskuh” or put up a “Chanukah bush” there is already a con-fusion. To non Jews who don’t know the story of this minor holiday the two often get confused as well.

Because several holiday seasons coincide, this time of year, perhaps? Or maybe the artist didn’t want to be so Christian-centric…?

Your confusion confuses me. If your religion can’t get out its story well enough, that’s on your religion =) .

Hint: Christmas trees have exactly nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. Rather, it’s simply the age-old pagan solstice celebration, dressed up slightly differently, nothing more. The ENTIRE Christmas holiday is essentially pagan. It’s not a problem.


This is what I read into this as well – not some sort of conflation of Christmas and Chanukah but instead capitalizing on the general overlap/timeliness of the holidays and having something seasonal for Jews and Christians alike.

I don’t know of anybody that takes Chrismukkah seriously – the only reason it’s a thing today was because of The O.C. which was wildly popular in the early oughts.


How “seriously” I cant say but I’ve spoken to a strangely large number of intermarried Jews that try to blend the two holidays together. Which was amusing last year when Hanukah was around the time of American Thanksgiving. The Hebrew Calendar is lunar/solar so holidays arent at the same time every year.

You are partly right here. Many Jews in the US have lost understanding because of generations of assimilation. For those Jews it would be rather uncomfortable to learn that most of the meaning would be like a sort of civil war between the Orthodox and Secular/Reform Jews. If one is Secular/Reform, they might not want to celebrate something that involved them being on the losing side.

As for the non-Jews, its not really part of our culture to explain these things to them.

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