Hanukkah + hip-hop = Dr. Dreidel


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Sacrilegious. Stick with tradition:


I’ve been holding out for that one thing to buy for myself this year and now you tell me it’s only concept. Crap.

It would be cool, but would need a licensing agreement with Dre.

Spin two of them at slightly different rotational frequencies.

Beats by Dreidel.

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Ain’t nothin’ but a Jew thang, Baaaaabay!
Tvei meshugenah hebes goin’ craaaazay!
Hittin’ Gimel on a dreidel, that paaays me!


In the words of Scott Walker: Molotov!

I LOVE Katey Red!!!

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This time of year when all the secular Jews turn out some new “clever tchotchke” for the holiday, I can’t help but enjoy the irony that the one (minor) holiday they get so excited about commemorates what was basically a civil war between the secular and religious Jews where the religious Jews won.

I’m not one to smear that directly in someone’s face though, I enjoy more to with them a Chanukah sameach and give em a kit with a chanukiah and candles so they can maybe do the important part.

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