Hanukkah, its not just the jewish Thanksgiving




Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas!

These yamulkes disagree :wink:


That video reminds me of how I pronounce “Channukah” in my head every time I see it. I tend to picture a pro-wrestling ring and an overly muscular man in tights wearing a yarmulke charging through a shower of sparks as an announcer goes, “Oh don’t look now folks, he’s been unstable since Cain and Abel. IT’S. CHANNUUUUUUUUUUUUUKAAAAAA!”


It’s pronounced:


that video is an offensive piece of smug self-congratulatory nonsense; a unidimensional picture of Christianity, and yet another association of Judaism with victimhood. a big thumbs down.



My best friend growing up was a practicing reformed Jew, while I was in a rather dogmatic Christian family (you know the kind, we thought Catholics were idolaters who were minions of the galactic emperor.) But we had lots of respect for the Jews, since if they didn’t horrifically murder jeebus, then nobody’d be saved.

Anyway, I learned quite a few things from my friend of the Jewish religion, and the story of Chanukah, and I gotta say, to this day I still think of it as a celebration of really good gas mileage.

These days I’m an atheist, as it’s the only endpoint to the application of critical thinking and logic when applied to religion and spirituality that I can see. I celebrate christmas though, and easter and even St. Patrick’s Day. To me it’s completely about having a good time with friends and family, and being thankful that I have these people who I love, and love me.


You don’t need Deck The Halls or Jingle Bell Rock
'Cause you can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock (both Jewish!)


Jeebus was a Jew and the Romans (who weren’t Jews) killed jeebus. Where this idea that Jews killed Jeebus came from, I can only guess, but then no doubt they were Christians who have been worshiping a dead Jew for thousands of years so stranger things have happened.


Hanukkah, its not just the jewish Thanksgiving

Of course the great irony is for that many non Orthodox American Jews his is one of the few holidays they celebrate but if they’d look into the history beyond the basic miracle of lights part some of em might not be so happy.

That certainly put me off my latkes.

The video is obviously not for you since you evidently did not get any of the jokes.

Whatever works for you is great but as for that part of the statement you should see some of the debates that go on in a Talmud study session.


As far as I can tell, the reason why some christians believe the Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus is due to the story of Pontius Pilate offering to release either Jesus or Barabbas and the townsfolk overwhelmingly chose to have Barabbas released. Then Pilate washed his hands of responsibility of what happened to Jesus, so that transfered responsibility to presumably the Jews who’d chosen Barabbas’ release.
Whether any of this actually happened is up for debate as the bible’s historicity is questionable in the best cases, and provably wrong in the worst.


At some point in our future, alien beings will arrive at Earth and proceed to exterminate the predominant sentient species.

When the event is later recounted among alien theologians they will all agree that the messy business had to be accomplished, because the humans, of course, did kill Christ.


War on christmas much?


stereotype is rarely funny, Israel_B. not when applied to Christians, not
when applied to Jews, nor Atheists for that matter. besides, the whole
thing is so tribally shmaltzy.

‘He was sentimental. He was wicked and sentimental.’ (Dostoevsky, The
Brothers K)


So… should they edit your comments out from here because they are too stereotypical?


Stay on topic one and all! Happy Thanksgiving!


Pardon me for being pedantic but I think you may have used schmaltzy incorrectly there. But anyway, yes we are tribal and we tell ourselves jokes about how we get treated by the world at large and sometimes the jokes are over the top and thats part of what makes them funny for us.

Since this particular holiday in part commemorates those of us who refused to compromise our ways to those of the world at large, in fact the video is very appropriate.


Thanksgiving was last month. Or do luck dragons celebrate two Thanksgivings for double turkey?


Do Canucks not realize that it’s Thanksgiving today for other humans?


We just think you’re having it on the wrong day. And since Canadian Thanksgiving goes back earlier, we win!

Presumably the reason they’re on different days is a difference in when the harvest takes place, but it’s a lot more fun to ignore that and poke Americans.