A very Sissy Bounce Hanukkah; 'Dreidel Song,' Gypsyphonic Disko feat. Katey Red (music video)


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I’m sure no one will be offended by this video.

On another subject; how long has the Boing Boing logo been animated? I just moused over Jackhammer Jill and saw her in action. Cute!

I’m not Jewish, and I hardly know anybody who is, and it still seems offensive to me. (Though I’ll acknowledge that the whole dreidel/gambling thing in general could be vaguely offensive to begin with.)

I now have a go-to video for when people want to know what ‘twerking’ is.

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The dreidel always was used for gambling, throughout Jewish history. It’s just another form of dice.

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That was my (counter) point, though I probably could have phrased it to be more clear that it was a historical reference and not the depiction in the video.

I am, and there’s nothing there to offend me personally even if the music isn’t really my thing. Chanukah is a minor non-biblical holiday, and it’s not like twerking or whatever trans glam is are particularly sacrilegious to what’s supposed to be a celebration.

Even today, the dreidel game is just gambling. Everyone antes up, and one spins it. If it lands on N it goes to the next spinner, G the player gets the whole pot, H gets half the pot, and S means the player throws one more into the pot. Sometimes it’s played with chocolate gold foil coins you see being thrown around that are called Gelt, although that’s just yiddish for “money”.


This is better:

Go Loko is also useful and very serious reference material.

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I find Jill most unnerving… for many months I keep my cursor to my self control. Curious!?

Sexy people +twerking +dreidel+crappy song =crappy song


i love it. perfect for Thanksgivukkah. next chance? 70,000+ years for the convergence. and? love it love it love it!

I don’t agree - one of the things about a live symphony performance is observing the players, and the conductor in particular.

Now, seriously – you think there’s any dance that isn’t about sex? This is just rather more to the point.

Does anyone know what Katey is saying at about 17 seconds onward… sounds like yippie yippie yippie Hanukkah… but I’m thinking maybe it’s a saying, like Happy Haunukkah that I don’t know?

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