WATCH: Sara X dances to a public domain recording of Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”




This is surprising evidence to me that I have not been spending enough time on the internet as of late.


That’s the breast rendition of Mozart I’ve ever seen.

Huffing Boing Boing

Thanks for not linking to her Zauberflöte


Please, no dancing banana


I’ve always found the 1934 recording more uplifting. To each her own.


That would add a real touch of class to any Trump casino.


How the HELL does she do that?


This made my day.


Bolo Yeung, eat your heart out.


You knew it was BoingBoing before you clicked on it.


Recycling an image from an earlier post… You’re welcome Gaia.

Her rendition of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is truly amazing:


Women have pectoral muscles too.


That… did not go the way I expected.

I’m not honestly sure what I did expect…


What music?


I doubt most have implant mesh attached to those muscles though.
Actually makes me feel a little sad thinking about how much damage her body mods can cause with no cool cyborg power-up benefits.
Well there is the bullshit power up of the shallowest better treatment by the vast majority of men in exchange for varying levels of chest stares though that most often trades away any consideration of her intellectual abilities.


Guess it depends upon your perspective. Seems like one of the cooler cyborg power-up benefits I’ve seen lately…


So you’re saying this is an impossible feat without a bodymod? My moobs can move and they are far from just pectoral muscle. I assumed she had well-built pecs under her significant enowments…


Some people pay good money to see that sort of thing. So for free, nothing to complain about…


Hmm, after watching that, a question is raised: a 1936 performance, but in the public domain? Was the copyright not renewed?