Watch: Orphan baby kangaroo loves its new pouch


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Well if that isn’t the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. :slight_smile:


I wanna kangaroo too!


Same rule applies as the automatic cow brush. Fuck joeys, I want one for myself!


RIP CuteOverload.

Good to see BB picking up the slack.


Just the words “Kangaroo Sanctuary” makes me happy.


A neighbour reared an orphaned wallaby. It was disconcerting to be talking to her and suddenly see a little head with beady eyes and pricked up ears pop out of her cleavage …


Rule 34 search underway…


Well this is just wonderful.


I miss my pouch.



"You kan, garoo!! You kan!!

(Jethro Tull – from Passion Play)


Same thing happened to me a couple of decades ago, touring Australia as a ‘farewell to college’ tour. Ran into a couple of bikers at a campground, and was surprised when the woman unzipped her leather jacket and a baby wallaby’s head popped out. Cute as the dickens.


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